Im an taurus woman who am i compatible with

I talk to her like 10 mins a every 3 days because of the poor cellular connection in her town But i can t imagine leaving her or Cheating her , I want to see her and hold her in my arms so badly.

And ya Taurens have amazingly sweet voice. I Love the way she looks really beautiful. FYI we have kissed jus twice.

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Honest to my heart. Well I been dealing with a leo, i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. We use to be together and I was to stubborn to forgive him. We were happy.

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Now with our current situation we cant keep our hands off of eachother. I hope I will marry him one day. This is amazing. I honestly need some good advice. I am a taurus woman and he is a leo man. Because he approached me and was in awe of my beauty, those were his words, that I was exotic! But we started going out on dates and eventually having sex, before I knew it. I had left my boyfriend and was waiting on him to change our title. Which didnt happen.

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We disagree on alot of things but its one of the things we love about each other and kinda look foward to. I set my wishes and expectations to the side because we were both focusing on schol and other things in life, Lets not forget being there for each other when ever we needed the other one. But this has dragged on too long.

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I need commitment. Then we see each other or miss each other so much and here we go again starting off where we left off! He said he needed to get himself together before making a commitment and that his last relationship was terrible. We were spending all our free time together and although he is very simple, unlike my leo. The kisses and very sensual and genuine affection was nice.

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But when Leo came back around and expressed the fact that he loved me and has been in love with me and doesnt want to be alone for ever, I completely stopped communicationg with Pisces! I know its wrong but my heart is totally somewhere else and I couldnt dare tell pisces this bc it would break his heart, oh and he told me he wanted me to be his wife. I kinda joked around with it bc I was at work and never brought it up again. But I know he talks to other women bc an anonymous person put a note on his car and he followed up with it.

Telling me it was bc he thought someone was playing a joke but you asked them to send a pic. Im not crazy just in love! But I will end this for good if he is playing games. Oh and he is 37 and im He adores and appreciates me. He showers me with affection.. The only problem is bc he thinks he haves to buy my affection with fancy dinners and clothes.. Leo man are very loyal and when been togetha for 7 months and already his talking marriage and babies he Loves me and vise veresa.. Where both on the same page and thats all that mattters.

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I love the fact that he appricates and respects me.. A leo man will satify you an anyway, shape or form making a taurus woman like myself unleash the wild side of me!!!.. But wen a Taurus woman and a Leo man argue OOoo do flames turn to fire because me and him are both stuborn and hardheaded and we hate to admitt wen where wrong.

I have been officially dating my Leo for 10 months. We became exclusive about 1 month ago. I have read multiple astrology charts about us and they seem a little bleak to say the least. This is unusual because I feel we are very compatible. Sex was not important to him at all, he just wanted to spend time with me.

Since we have gotten intimate I would say the sex is very intense and sensual. He calls me crazy lovingly because of my taurus temper. But I can tell that is one of the things he respects about me. My passion and ability to show true feelings. I also noticed he is alot more affectionate physically, while I send mushy text. When I have an issue with him he is quick to show a visible turnaround in his behaivor to satisfy me. I do the same for him he once complained about me not cooking and eating out too much, I immediately went grocery shopping and began cooking everyday!

He noticed thisa so it makes it easy for him to do the same. He has taurus in his chart which makes him down to earth and understand me. Our moon signs are compatible, he is taurus and I am pisces. I am not in love yet but I can tell it will come. I was gilted in a previous relationship where I abandoned my Leo for another man who hurt me bad. He took me back and never mentioned it. He just told me I should have stayed with him! He is a true person in the heart no fakery, loves his mother and family to pieces.

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He calls my foster daughter his daughter and is hoping we can adopt her. It brings excitement and passion to our marriage. Your email address will not be published.

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