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Because the signs are quite different indeed, the Ox may find him or herself attracted to the Rat's light and go-lucky way to life, whereas the Rat may be attracted to the Ox's trustworthiness and even his or her honor. Ox signs enjoy stability and find comfort when they are with family and friends, helping to create a long-lasting bond when in a relationship with a Rat sign. Rats are capable of getting Ox signs to "lighten up" and to break away from seriousness, which can help with bringing a balance that is needed to the relationship.

The Rat and the Ox make for an interesting and never-dull relationship, especially sexually, and can work well as business partners. Ox signs work well in business with their honor and ability to consider and contemplate, whereas Rat signs often use their wits to attract new potential clients and customers.


When in love and abiding by Chinese astrology, the Ox from the Shengxiao is quite stubborn, which can cause mild arguments when involved with a Rat. An Ox man is quite dependable, which allows the Rat woman to feel secure, making the Ox an ideal target for marriage or a long-term relationship.

Additionally, they will both like using rational and logical ways of going about things rather than trying something too risky. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The rooster likes having things just perfect and the ox enjoys this as they like having things done correctly the first time.

These traits work well in any relationship, but very much so in a business relationship. When the Ox and Rooster are in love, they carry that same compatibility. They will both hold qualities like honesty and dependability in high regard. Because of this, the likelihood of either of them feeling envious or clingy is very low. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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When the Ox is dating a Rooster, their nature that typically leans toward being more reserved and solemn and slightly antisocial goes away. At that point, they will become more tender. Arguments are something they dislikes highly and avoid whenever possible. They want their domestic life to be peaceful and balanced. The rooster thrives on this, because they require peace and order to really bloom in a romantic relationship. They will be more likely to glorify romance and lovers.

The Ox and Rooster in bed too are sexually compatible. The rooster man tends to be more sociable than the ox woman, but they can usually help the female ox come out of their shell and be more social. Here is a man who is so deeply involved in weaving patterns for the future and thinking up new progressive systems that it is quite impossible for him to be limited to the domestic scene.

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He must get out there, meet with people, exchange ideas and plans and only then he can give shape to his visions. This radically different site of contentment in case of the Ox woman and the Tiger man can pose a hurdle when each is concerned with the fulfillment of individual needs and desires. Likewise the male Ox likes things to be simple and staid in the long run. The mind-boggling individuality of the female Tiger as well as her rebellious nature as expressed in appearance or lifestyle may clash quite violently with the rather conventional values of her Ox partner.

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This is a man who is patient and accommodating to a certain extent but also deeply suspicious of change merely for the sake of novelty. A basic difference in motivation is perhaps the biggest hurdle to romantic compatibility between a Taurus and an Aquarius. While the Ox is most comfortable in familiar surroundings and following a fixed routine, the Tiger is attracted to the new and progressive.

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The former is deeply respectful of social conventions and age-old traditions while the latter thrives by living, thinking and loving according to their own rules. Despite such intrinsic differences, what might help the Ox and Tiger to pull through is a shared value on commitment. Thus if they both decide to put their relationship first and make things work, there is every possibility of this being a happy match.